Sunday, 16 October 2016

Murder on the Marsh by Anne Penketh

First a little boy has been found murdered, his heart cut out. Now a woman's body has been found. Everything is pointing to a serial killer on the loose in Glaveny, a quiet Norfolk village. The police are under pressure to find a killer before he kills again. For Detective Inspector Sam Clayton this case has arrived just when his personal life lies in tatters, and he struggles with anger issues.

I enjoyed this book, the first of a new crime series, with DI Sam Clayton in charge of a team of police which also includes DS Neil Pringle and DS Julie Everett, both of whom are struggling with difficult personal lives of their own. In fact, I did at times find I was more interested in the private lives of the police officers than I was in finding out who the murderer was. We were presented with several possible suspects, but I didn't really care who committed the murder, because the victim came across as a horrible woman. A woman dabbling in the occult, and messing with the heads of those around her.

I'm interested in reading the second book, because I want to find out how things are with DI Sam, DS Neil and of course DS Julie, and should they be out fighting crime while they struggle on the domestic front, well i'm interested in that too!

I received this galley from the publishers via NetGalley.

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