Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson

In 1926 the crime novelist Agatha Christie disappeared for ten days under mysterious circumstances. Under considerable strain following the death of her mother and after discovering her husband was having an affair, many suspected the worst. The police conducted a missing persons investigation, and Agatha turned up eleven days later staying in a hotel under an assumed name. While her disappearance was attributed to a mental breakdown, Agatha herself refused to discuss the matter, leading to much speculation about what happened and many people at the time and since have put forward theories of their own. This book is Andrew Wilson's interpretation of what happened to cause Agatha to disappear.

This was a really good read especially for fans of Agatha Christie and even those who have never read her books. I have read just a couple of Agatha Christie's books and that was many years ago, but I thought this book was very enjoyable. If I have any problem with the book, it's a small one, but i'm a bit reluctant to read fictional accounts of real peoples lives. I do have some qualms over putting words and actions into the lives of people who really lived. It is a huge responsibility, and one which Andrew Wilson has taken on and done well. I hope the Queen of crime fiction would agree with me.

I received an arc copy of this book from Lovereading.co.uk in return for an honest review.

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