Saturday, 29 October 2016

Audio Book Review: Silent Night, Deadly Night by Richard L. Mabry MD (Narrated by Meghan Kelly)

I don't listen to audio books very often, and after listening to Silent Night, Deadly Night by Richard Mabry MD, i'm converted!

A woman's body has been found buried in the snow. Did Ina Bell Patrick die of natural causes or was she murdered? The victim had no immediate family, so her niece Laura and two nephews Robert and Zac stand to inherit. Meanwhile the police soon realize they are looking for a killer. A killer who may not have stopped at Ina Bell, but may now be trying to eliminate those who stand to gain most from her death.

I loved this novella. This was my first time to read one of Richard Mabry MD's thrillers, and I will definitely be reading more from now on. His descriptions particularly of medical matters were really interesting, and helped to bring plenty of tension and suspense to the story. Just when I thought I knew the killer, something happened that caused me to rethink my suspicions!

As I listened to this novella on audio, I found the narrator Meghan Kelly to be excellent at articulating the story and projecting just the right atmosphere, really bringing the characters alive for me.

I would like to thank the author Richard Mabry MD for my audio copy of this book via Audiobook-Boom and

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